Renting Guide

Property details

As a prospective Tenant you will either find our property in our lettings property section. We provide floor plans, photos and full descriptions.

Arrange a viewing

Before you arrange a viewing, you must be registered with us, with your full details filled in. Our Negotiators do the majority of their own viewings, however in some circumstances our Landlords will undertake viewings and as we hope you understand they expect us to pre-qualify any potential tenant. When you find a property that you wish to view, simply contact us.

The viewing

Please make sure that if you have any problems in making your viewing that you give us as much notice as possible. We will generally ask for feedback so we can give this information to our Landlord.

Making an offer

If you like the property and wish to make an offer, please call or email us at the office as soon as possible. Or discuss it with our Negotiator at the viewing.

Offer acceptance

On acceptance of your offer we will supply you with an offer letter outlining all the information for the tenancy agreement.

ReferencesTo commence a tenancy we will require you to complete a reference form.

Holding deposit

We require a holding deposit of two week's rent to secure the property subject to your reference check to clear. If the landlord withdraws from the tenancy agreement process you will be refunded. If you withdraw from the tenancy the deposit will be retained by the landlord.

Rental and deposit

Prior to the commencement of your tenancy date a deposit (of 6 weeks) and 1 month of rent needs to clear into our bank account (your holding deposit will be subtracted from this amount). This money is traditionally held by us on behalf of the landlord until your move in date.

Tenancy agreement

Once there is agreement in principle between parties, we will draft the relevant tenancy agreement.


We advise you to insure the contents of your property as they are not covered by the Landlord's insurance. We are more than happy to help you to find the right contents insurance solution.


Once all of the paperwork, guarantees and cleared funds are in place, the tenancy can go ahead.


Fees to Tenants


Lost Key Fee = £5-£25 (dependant on key quality)

Arrears Fee = 3% of late payment


The following services have NO charge



Additional tenant 


Guarantor fee

Pet deposit

Contract renewal 

Out of hours service

Change of tenant

Checking out